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As a process facilitator and learning designer I plan and lead meetings and workshops. With systemic practices and visual thinking tools I make sure the meeting is effective, creative and cooperative for the group. I aim to activate and support the visdom of the group to create sustainable results. 


A processdesigner is needed when a group is to innovate, develop, learn from each other. The areas can be learning processes, project development, teambuilding, idea development, implementation, vision and goal setting work.

Växjö Municipality wanted to strengthen its employees' ability to work creatively, strategically and together with project development. Their long-term goal was to develop the municipality with the help of innovative projects focusing on the goals of the Environmental Program. To do so, we needed: increased knowledge of project development in groups, a common toolbox and practical training on working with these tools. After interviews with some service people, I gained insight into what the project and idea development work looked like today. In collaboration with the municipality, I designed and led 2.5 days of training for a group of about 15 people who were scattered over three months. Participants train on practical idea generation tools for different phases of project development, from start to implementation. After the training, I gathered the tools in a handbook to strengthen implementation in the municipality's continued innovation work.

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