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”Olika människor har olika lätt att ta till sig budskap. Bilden över Regionala utvecklingsstrategins prioriteringar har gett en ny dimension, förkroppsligat det skrivna innehållet i strategin och gett diskussioner som inte hade uppstått utan den. Vi har exempelvis använt bilden när vi har presenterat strategins innehåll i olika sammanhang istället för att använda en powerpointpresentation. Efterhand som strategin har utvecklats har även bilden utvecklats”.
Cecilia Birgersson,
verksamhetsutvecklare Region Kronoberg

I have had excellent occasion to experience first hand Maria’s graphic facilitation and teaching skills. I had invited Maria to be external tutor and collaborator in autumn 2017 for a module called +Change. The ten-week course was on affecting social and cultural systems from the perspective of sustainability as a change agent through metadesign. The course was offered to our bachelor students at the Department of Design+Change, Linnaeus University, Växjö. Maria helped set up the contextual and factual premise of the work site for our students through her network of intentional communities in Kronoberg and other regions of south Sweden. She shared her graphic visualisation competence with the students in a workshop. She provided regular feedback to the ongoing student projects allowing ample room for the development of ideas and action. Her sessions with the students were hugely appreciated with favourable feedback from the students.I would unhesitatingly invite Maria for more teaching given relevant content requirement. 

Zeenath Hasan

Senior Lecturer

Department of Design+Change

Linnaeus University



I have been working rather closely with Maria Richter-Simsek during 2014 and 2015, partly with her being one of the work-package leaders for our project to develop a “Reuse Village and Center for Circular Economy” and as a trainer and training developer for a work shop series in “idea generation for project development”. My experience working with Maria is very good. She is a very well structured person who is always striving for excellence. It was a great experience to work with her, firstly to jointly develop the concept for the idea generation workshop and later to participate in the training as one of the participants. The workshop series was very appreciated by my colleagues whom all are civil servants with project development as one of their key tasks. The workshop gave us a set of tools to strengthen our capacity as facilitators for idea generation processes. I strongly recommend Maria and look forward to working with her again in a foreseeable future.

Bo Hjälmfjord
Projectmanager Växjö Kommun



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